Tuesday, 1 June 2010

DarkWorldCreations 2013.


Ricochet Creative welcomes to our new client DarkWorldCreations. We have
just started work creating new carton range extensions to Dawn of the Apocalypse to include 70mm Zombie Nurse, Mean Machine and Jessica Bust.
DWC will be following up with new packaging for 35mm characters.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ricochet Creative promotes its new offering

Have you heard about our new offering for event based creative?

Ricochet Conference and Event Marketing originated in response to one of our clients wanting to have an event without a dedicated event company organising it for them. They needed someone who could offer help, advice and support at any stage for any element. To meet the brief with the right message at an agreed budget.

Since providing this service, we have found that our approach, straight talking and creative solutions have proved a successful formula for many of our existing clients.

Working from your brief Ricochet can offer any aspect of the project ranging from creative ideas, personalised invitations, e-shots and marketing material, through to print, pull up banners, event management, and incentive giveaways.

Interested? Contact richard@ricochetcreative.co.uk for further information.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Are you considering a website?

Your website can be just a contact page or much more depending on your requirements, objectives and budget. While you are planning your site in greater detail we do recommend that you commission a contact holding page. There are five good reasons why.

1) Brand reinforcement. No page equals no logo, tagline, telephone or email address.

2) A page not found message or registrars advert will only send custom elsewhere.

3) A single page can still create conversions, even if it is only an email or telephone call.

4) Introduces your domain to search engines for quicker indexing when you do launch your full site.

5) Allows people to link to your domain which will build up your Page Rank.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Life in the Hot Seat!

Thank heavens I’ve got my Carlton Classic desk fan pointed straight into my boat. Can it get any hotter out there?

On the subject of hot stuff we wish Cannonballrun Europe a successful safe trip starting from the 5th July and ending a week later after travelling 3,000 miles across Europe.

Sorry we couldn’t make Jan, hope it all goes well. Enjoy.